Twin Towers art project

Teacher commemorates the fallen with art

Thousands of children lost loved ones on the fateful day of Sept. 11, 2001, and thousands perished as planes collided with the towers in New York. Fifteen years later, memorial services and the commemoration of the brave first-responders continue to carry the legacy into a new generation.

Athlos holds ceremony in remembrance of Sept. 11, 2001

Athlos Leadership Academy in Brownsville hosted a 9/11 remembrance ceremony Friday that featured special performances by its dance team, cheerleaders and artwork to honor those lost on that day. The event took place inside the gymnasium, in which all grade levels, second-11th, were present, as well as parents and special guests.
9/11 commemoration poster

Students Commemorate 9/11 Tragedies

Many elementary and middle school students were not even born then or can vaguely remember the day, but 15 years ago, on this day, lives changed forever. They danced, cheered and had an overall good time, but above all they remembered. The students at Athlos Leadership Academy held a special ceremony to honor victims of September 11th 2001 and current active duty members.

Character-building exercises help create safe school environment

While Athlos Leadership Academy holds academics and athletics in high regard, faculty and students said character-building exercises and social interactions help create a safe school environment and prevent bullying.
Local school exhibits talent

Local school exhibits talent

As the school calendar comes to an end for some students, the start for award ceremonies and presentations follows. Many gathered at Athlos Leadership Academy in Brownsville for a special student exhibition. GT coordinator Alexis Fruia says, “Today here we have our GT exhibition from first to tenth grade. Here exhibiting their GT Projects.”
Athlos student playing soccer

Performance character and health critical to students’ success

In polling earlier this year, Idahoans cited education as the No. 1 issue facing the state. We recognize the importance of education, but what many may not recognize is the importance of certain skills and habits that are not commonly taught in today’s education system.

Brownsville Students Honor Local First Responders at September 11th Remembrance Ceremony

Students at Athlos Leadership Academy in Brownville, Texas honored local first responders at a special September 11th remembrance ceremony earlier this month. The school-wide assembly was part of Athlos’ performance character curriculum.
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As record-setting school year concludes, Athlos Academies continues momentum

As students begin to celebrate summer, Athlos Academies, a Boise-based education service provider, is commemorating its most successful year of empowering students, educators, and communities with seven new schools finishing their first year.

Athlos charter school teaches athletes

SAN ANTONIO - The Athlos Leadership Academy's motto is "Healthy Body, Prepared Mind" because the school is devoted to physical fitness and athletics. Principal Israel Rios said the 12 1/2-acre campus on Chandler Road campus has had a positive impact on the neighborhood and on the children who are lucky enough to gain enrollment there.