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Athlos Athletic Curriculum Level 1: Building Movement FUNdamentals

Ok, quick— what does installing a floor joist and skipping have in common? Well, not much. But similar to building a house, where you’d better have solid footing; you’d better start with a strong foundation when building athleticism in early elementary students.

Common Core – Common Lore

Common Core – Common Lore

The unveiling of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in 2010 has brought a level of hyperbola that has lead to common lore now intricately infused within the education debate.

Workplace Success and Performance Character

Reflect for a moment on your last job interview. Was most of that time spent on determining if you had the skills to accomplish the job? Or, was most of the time spent with the interviewer trying to determine if you had the integrity, social intelligence, grit, or creativity to succeed in the job?