• Spring 2017 Athlos Roll Call

Performance Character
in Action

Character Ambassadors Offer Encouragement,
Helping Hand

Athlos Leadership Academy, Brownsville

At Athlos Leadership Academy in Brownsville, TX, a group of high school students called the Character Ambassadors strive to make a positive impact on their school and community. These outstanding students consistently take part in events, volunteer within the community, and do good deeds, all while displaying Athlos Performance Character traits like leadership, integrity, and optimism.

Prepared Mind
in Action

Athlos St. Cloud Students Take Part in a
Hands-on Learning Opportunity

On March 28, sixth-grade students and teachers at Athlos Academy of St. Cloud wrapped up a project they had been working on for nearly two months with an exciting, hands-on learning experience. Students and staff traveled to Junior Achievement BizTown, a 10,000 square-foot, kid-sized simulated city located in the Junior Achievement headquarters in Maplewood, MN, where they put their weeks of hard work to action.


June 26-30, 2017

Taking place in Boise, Idaho, Athlos Summer Institute is an immersion into the Athlos model designed for Athlos teachers, leaders, and partners. Participants will gain powerful insights connected to the implementation of the innovative Athlos approach. In addition to networking with experts in the field, participants will benefit from strategies to support and impact quality teaching and governing. All participants will walk away with new professional learning and tools to build stronger, more dynamic school communities.

Athlos Summer Institute is a free event. Register today so you don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Distinguished Educator Nominations Now Open

Nominations are now open for this year’s Athlos Distinguished Educators! The distinguished educator award is given annually to three individuals who exemplify quality performance of the Athlos model. Award winners demonstrate excellence in their classroom, on the turf, or within their community.

Anyone may nominate a deserving administrator, teacher, instructional coach, athletic performance coach, or other school staff member by filling out a short nomination form that explains how the nominee models a commitment to and understanding of the Athlos Pillars of Performance and contributes to the success of students. Nominations are due by Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

Awardees will be notified in early June and recognized at the Summer Institute welcome reception on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 in Boise. Recipients’ travel to and lodging at the institute will be covered.

Distinguished Athlos Educators

Athlos Schools Celebrate Recognitions, Awards

It’s been an exciting time for many of our Athlos schools, whose students and staff are being recognized for accomplishments academically, in sports and extracurricular activities, and in many other ways. Here’s a look at some significant recognitions and awards from Athlos partner schools in Brooklyn Park, MN, Austin, TX, and Brownsville, TX.

We love to hear your student and school stories. Do you want to share a story from your school? Submit your story ideas to info@athlosacademies.org.

Brooklyn Park Awarded 2017 Readers’ Choice Award for Best Public School

Athlos Leadership Academy has been awarded the 2017 Readers’ Choice Award for Best Public School by the Brooklyn Park Sun Post. The Readers’ Choice Awards is an annual contest published online and in print. Hundreds of readers chose their favorite service providers, medical professionals, church, schools, daycare providers, restaurants, fitness centers, etc. Readers voted online or by mailing in the newspaper ballot. All answers were fill-in-the-blank style based on the categories provided. The 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards were published on January 26, 2017.

Austin Jazz Band Takes Home Superior “1” Rating

At Athlos Leadership Academy in Austin, TX, the music program has grown by leaps and bounds since its opening four years ago. It is currently home to a 35-voice choir and three bands and is growing in recognition statewide.

On April 1, the advanced jazz combo band competed in the Georgetown Jazz Festival against large district jazz bands. The group walked away with the superior “1” rating and second place overall.  Four students placed in honor band.

“I was thrilled to see the result of so much hard work and dedication,” said Stephanie Nesseth, director of jazz bands and choirs at Athlos Leadership Academy-Austin. “Not only are these students dedicated, but they are extremely talented, curious, and courageous.”

Brownsville Titans Take Home Championship Titles, Awards

The weekend of April 8 was a big one for the Athlos Titans. On April 9, the Brownsville Athlos varsity golf team took the title of state champions in the 2017 TCSAAL State Golf Tournament. This was the school’s first state title. In addition to this accomplishment, Sebastian Cantu took third place in the varsity boys individual.

The Athlos tennis team saw success of their own, with the varsity teams taking home first and second place overall in the TCSAAL State Tennis Tournament in Georgetown, TX. The team left the tournament with the middle school girls taking fourth place, middle school boys in second and first place, varsity girls in second place, and varsity boys in first place.

The chess team had competition success as well at the state chess tournament, with the middle-school team taking seventh place, the high-school team taking 15th place, and individuals placing ninth and 20th place statewide.

Healthy Body in Action

Top 10 Takeaways from IPLC 2017

In April, representatives from Athlos Academies and Athlos Academy of St. Cloud attended the International Physical Literacy Conference in Toronto, Canada. This conference unites experts in the fields of sport, health, education, and recreation with a goal of advancing the knowledge, application, and implementation of physical literacy programs worldwide. The four-day conference gave our Athlos participants the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and share with physical literacy leaders, practitioners, and stakeholders around the world. Here are the top 10 takeaways from our Athlos Academies associate director of Healthy Body, Peter Verdin, as he live tweeted from Toronto.

St. Cloud Recognizes Students of the Month

Recognizing students for showing Athlos Performance Character traits like grit, leadership, and initiative is an exciting practice for students and staff at Athlos schools. Student success is celebrated through shout outs, student of the month awards, and other forms of recognition.

At Athlos Academy of St. Cloud, one student per month is recognized for being an exemplary model of Performance Character. Students are chosen by grade-level teachers based on their demonstration of one Performance Character trait.

“It is important to recognize and celebrate students for their exemplification of Performance Character so that they understand how truly significant living out these traits is,” said Ms. Knuth, second-grade teacher at Athlos Academy of St. Cloud.

Each student recognized receives a student of the month certificate/award and is surprised in their classroom by Ms. Cremers, the school’s social worker and Performance Character coach. After being recognized by their peers at the school, students call home to their parents with the exciting news.

Four Athlos Academy of St. Cloud students have been recognized as students of the month this school year. Here’s a look at these excellent exemplars of Performance Character.


Social Intelligence

“Kavonna is respectful and kind in her interactions with peers and staff. She does anything that is asked of her with confidence. Kavonna is a respectful listener, hard worker, and stays on task.”

– Ms. Knuth, second-grade teacher

Learn more about Kavonna



“Jade is always willing to help other students and her teacher. She is kind and compassionate to her classmates that are alike and different from herself. She always gives her best effort and pushes others to do their best as well!”

– Ms. Heck, first-grade teacher

Learn more about Jade



“Jax exhibits integrity by doing the right thing, even if no one is watching. I feel that I can fully trust him to make good decisions without having to remind him of my expectations.”

– Ms. Grandgenett, kindergarten teacher

Learn more about Jax



“Yuliana is a great example of leadership. She always has a positive attitude and comes to school ready to learn. She encourages her peers to make good choices and show integrity. Yuliana’s kindness and willingness to help others is what makes her a true leader.”

– Ms. Johnson, third-grade teacher

Athlos Boise Employees Move into Headquarters

In late April, Boise homecourt staff officially moved into the new Athlos Academies headquarters in downtown Boise, Idaho. After months of occupying temporary space, the team is excited to be settling into their own space, and looking forward to welcoming partners and colleagues into the space in the upcoming months.

We’ve launched a new website!

The Athlos Academies community relations team is excited to announce the launch of the new Athlos Academies website. The new site is completely redesigned and reimagined.

What they say: Teachers discuss the Athos model

“We’re not just teaching students the core content areas. We’re trying to focus on what it will take for students to be good adults when they get out of school, what skills they will need to be successful in a job or in a profession later in life, and I think that is really important.”

Matt BiglerSixth-grade teacher, Athlos Academy of St. Cloud

“Athlos is different in so many ways. Students have athletic movement four times a week, teachers utilize movement breaks, and students are given three times a day to go outside and participate in free play. This allows students to take part in their own movement and physical growth.”

Nate SotoAthletic performance coach, Athlos Academy of Utah

“I love watching the Athlos model grow and work; everything that they say works has been working with my students. You can just listen to the students get happier as time goes on, and they are just really enjoying themselves.”

Greg Stein Third-grade teacher, Athlos Academy of St. Cloud

“The Performance Character pillar is such an important piece of the Athlos model. I firmly believe that our children should grow up to be good, happy, and creative individuals in addition to pursuing academic achievement.”

Irene LolofieThird-grade teacher, Athlos Academy of Utah

School Partnerships


Seven partnerships in the DFW area






Two partnerships in San Antonio


Two partnerships in the Houston area


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St. Cloud


Jefferson Parish (Opening fall 2018)


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